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For those who are looking for a unique opportunity to be mentored by illanith

Illanith's Unique initiation process is an opportunity to take your spiritual gifts to the world. Learn how to combine ANCIENT ENERGY HEALING, channeling and modern day psychology into your own practice as a professional. 

illanith organically takes you to the next level

Meet Illanith

Maybe you have been called to take your healing to the next level and share with others, or are looking to uncover your own gifts? Perhaps you have a calling as a lightworker and are not sure where to start. This is where illanith's unique mentorship program can enrich your life and move you forward. Most mentorship programs have a start and end date leaving you confused and alone. With illanith's unique process you choose the pace and you choose how far you want to take yourself. The path of this program follows illanith's steps as a light worker and what she did in her lifetime to be able to connect to herself and others in the unique way that she does.    

Once you learn this no one can steal your light

Time to expand the love even further by running your own version of the classes. All intellectual property for the class becomes yours. 

Train Others

Receive an authenticated certificate in the mail. So you can add your new learnings to your repertoire of personal and professional expansion 

Get Certified

Illanith will lovingly guide you as you practice your new skills. This opportunity to refine your learnings is a unique part of her process to make sure you leave  feeling confident. 

Guided Practices 

See first hand how some of her therapies are done as she demonstrates on you while she walks you through step by step process. Inadvertently get healed as well, upgrading and initiating your gifts. 

Your own healing

Illanith's background in teaching helps make this step fun and easy for all kinds of learners. Her interactive style doesn't overwhlem.  

personalized lessons

Illanith initiations help you to come closer to remembering your own unique gifts. Following her process helps reveal your path and jump into your calling

meet your Unique gifts

What will you get out of this...

Upgrade your gifts and dive deeper into your calling as a lightworker

Illanith's Personalized Initiation Program is divided into two tiers and is a mirror of her own personal journey into being a Lightworker and healer. This program has been carefully curated for her students to do the same. So how does it work? Either move your way up the classes one by one, or chose any 5 classes from Tier 1 before graduating to Tier 2. NOTE: Tier two courses must be taken in order. 

investment varies between $1500-$2000USD per class. click below to set up a call for more details

show me where to start

Tier 1 Initiation

Reiki I and Reiki  II

Reiki III & Masters & Crystals 

Shamanism i & Shamanism II

Duality/Non Duality: Masculine and Feminine

Diving deeper into your intuition with past lives

Ayurveda and Cleansing

Using your Moon cycle to inspire your work and life

Archetypes and their place in your life

Tier 2 Initiation


TImeline Therapy

Magic of Plant Medicine

Awakening the priestess within

soluna i

SOluna ii


Illanith will guide you through each of the lessons using visual supports and handouts.  This is where you will be shown the magic of how she does what she does. Ask questions and be guided.

3-4 HOurs of 1-1 Lessons

Depending on which course you chose, illanith will show you how she does the practice so you can witness first hand how its done. Here you may encounter illanith healing you and where  energetic initiations take place.  Then you will get the opportunity to practice on her, where she can walk you through each step to make sure you are on the right track. This is the best way to learn, by doing. 

Illanith will show you how its done! and you get to try too.

Part of your certification is to practice on others. Depending on what the course is, this could include working 1-1, at a distance, preparing medicine, or practicing on yourself. 

Go deep with your new found knowledge by bringing it to the world

After we practice, new questions and doubts always come up. This is your opportunity to perfect. 
For one month after your theory class, be supported by voice messages every Monday and Friday and your final 1 hour call which includes follow up and clarification about the course. 

Be supported throughout your process

Book your first 15min call with illanith for details and to set a date together

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illanith benjamin

Intuitive Channel & Shamanic Healer