The Steps in this Sacred Process

Lovingly brought through by Illanith

Intuitive Channel and Shamanic Healer

First, you’ll meet with Illanith on a free intake call. You’ll discuss what’s troubling you and what you’d like help with. Together, you’ll decide if you’re a match to go on this healing journey together.

Illanith will open the portal to begin receiving messages and healing for you. Your guides will make themselves known to her and she will be the liaison between you and them for the time you are on this journey together, here healing Begins

You’ll be invited to infuse your aura with whispers of wisdom from sacred plant allies. The plants you work with have volunteered to work with you in particular and will show up for you on the physical plane. Their medicine is especially attuned to your patterns and problems and will help you keep your energy field clean.

You’ll get to experience the power of remote bodywork, with blockages being removed from your field as you lay comfortably in your bed. You’ll then drop into a deep call with Illanith, and she’ll tell you what your guidance had to say, what she found in your energetic body, and what the path forward looks like for you. 
This is where you become part of the process, commit to real change and become an active player in your healing journey. Unique Moving Through Exercises can include: 

  • Ritual and private ceremony 
  • Sacred Baths with plant allies
  • Journaling prompts
  • Specialized Meditations
  • Movements 
  • Visualizations
  • Roll-play

Speak with illanith

Illanith offers several process containers of different lengths to accommodate different issues, intentions, and availability. The containers range from one-off sessions to six-month containers. 

Depending on the container that you’re in, you could experience sacred plant baths, past life regressions, bodywork, shamanic healing, and more. Most containers also include a ‘map’ of exercises that initiate you into being your own healer by taking responsibility for grounding changes in your life. 

After your baths, the container for your process will be opened and Illanith will begin receiving messages for you. You’ll begin to get more clear on what you want. The intention call is for you to speak your intentions and desires to Illanith so that she can align her powers to your process.

Speak with Illanith

Work with Plant Medicine

Set your Intentions Call

 Energetic Container Opens

Receive Intuitive Healing & Remote Bodywork

Receive your Unique Medicine and  Homework

Choose a Process Container that Feels Good to You








This work utilizes both feminine and masculine ways of healing, as you’ll receive healing from Illanith and plant allies, as well as becoming an active player in your healing through exercises. Illanith will be available to coach you through hard moments as you release negative energy and hold space for your transformation. You are not alone in this process.


Intuitive Channel  &  Shamanic  Healer