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This medicine surely heals, but sometimes it doesn’t take us far enough or get to the true root of problems.
If you want to crack through the ceiling you’ve found yourself bumping up against in your healing journey, you need medicine that is specifically designed for you.
Here, you are invited to discover your own special formula for true transformation. 
The healing available to you here is the answer to your specific issues, because the medicine is designed especially for you. 

Most healing programs are created by people, based on what has worked for them.

Heal across timelines and lifetimes

Move swiftly towards the most elevated version of you

Release negative energy that was never yours to begin with




Heal faster, with precision

Feel weights lifting off you immediately

Get to the root of your patterns




 Some of the benefits of following a path made specifically for you…

Curious about what you are capable of when you heal with guidance?

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"Illanith sustained my soul when I needed it most."

"I still cant believe that this was all this energy work was  done at a distance. Just incredible'

"This is better than conventional Western therapy.....
it changes your life."

What illanith's client say....

You have been guided here to find your own path to healing. The medicine that awaits you has been prepared by your guides and is specific to you. It will change your perspectives, reveal the root of your patterns and direct your gaze to where you really want to go.  

This is your medicine, coming to you through your guides.
If you feel that you have tried all solutions to no avail, that you are stuck in patterns that you cannot break free from, or that you can heal others but not yourself, you have found a place where the answers can be revealed.

This path is for the brave and the willing. True change is not easy and requires one to be uplifted and devoted to their new self.
Here is your opportunity to receive all the support you need.
If you are ready, you can receive the exact steps to follow to heal traumas, finally end repetitive situations and relationship dynamics, and walk freely towards your highest potential.

speak with ILLANITH

A Message From illanith...

This is not a one-size-fits-all program.

Your guides have a map for you. I offer you my channel to uncover it.

Listen with your heart...

 When you conspire with your guidance, You can...

Find your way back home to yourself and live authentically

Feel clarity and confidence when making decisions
through sharpening your third eye and tuning into your intuition

Feel lighter and brighter in your daily life
by creating energetic boundaries and not taking on others’ energy

Experience peace and stay seated in centered awareness
even when things around you aren’t going how you’d like them to

Start living in
your purpose
by clearing what has been holding you back

Lift the fog around you
so you can see your life and patterns clearly


This is your invitation to start Showing your divine spark, awaken your gifts, and step into the power of your authenticity.

Get Started on this Sacred Process:
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On this free call, you’ll have the chance to explain your situation and ask any questions you have. You and Illanith will decide if you’re aligned and if so, she’ll recommend a structure for your healing. From there, together you’ll decide dates of when she’ll begin channeling for you and any bodywork sessions.

Speak With illanith

Some of the incredible transformations of this work...

"I went into this experience without many assumptions or expectations, other than the yearning to get out of the dark place I was in. I was willing to do anything to free myself from that place and work toward a better, stronger intuitive future. If that didn't work, the next step was medication for depression under medical guidance.
I am so happy to share that medication was not necessary and I feel more empowered than I ever have in my entire life so far."

 Shelly, Model, 42

I know, hear and feel everything so clearly, I am more understanding and compassionate towards others and I realize that we are all on this journey together and that we all arrive when it is our turn. I am no longer the victim in this story of mine..... We are all given a role to play and we do the best we can with the knowledge we have, regardless of how deep the pain is. The true value is in forgiveness and recovery."

 Meerna, Entrepreneur, 52

"The level of support Illanith provides before, during and after this process is unparalleled. The clarity of her process, and how I am able to participate in what you see/do/discover in the healing is also unparalleled. It is the most helpful and effective healing experience I have ever had."

 Sasha, Mother, 45

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